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From the Principal's Desk

20th February, 2015

Community is a large part of Trafalgar High School and something that we have made a conscious effort to build. Partnerships with businesses, community organisations and just as importantly, parents and families are an integral part of our school programs. From our BEACON program at year 10, the countless number of businesses that offer placements for work experience, mentors, all people involved are invaluable to us all for their skills, knowledge and the relationships they build with our students.

Parents have been increasingly involved as volunteers through a variety of programs; assisting with sub-committees such as the 50th celebrations, Debutante Ball, community garage sale, sporting events, school camps, cooking and craft groups. Parents/guardians are also invited to specific events. A meet and greet will be occurring for all parents of our year 7 students after the school camp and the Night of the Notables for junior Humanities classes is an excellent way to be actively involved in the learning of students. We also encourage participation in whole school events that may not directly be part of the program for your child/ren. THINK comedy evening has proven to be very popular across the whole of the Trafalgar community, with a sell out performance last year.

This year’s special whole school and community event is the Art Show which will be held on Friday 20th November and Saturday 21st November. The opening night showcases the high quality art work of students from across the school with performances from students in music and drama. This year is going to be a bigger and better event with a community market on the Friday evening. This will be an ideal opportunity to assist and become involved at a wider school level. If you are interested Ms Jan Walkinshaw will be co-ordinating this event.    



Jane Mersey


School Council Successful Candidates for 2015-2017  

After the call for nominations for a Parent Member on Trafalgar High School’s School Council, we have successfully filled the 3 parent positions.
We would like to congratulate the following members who will continue with another term in office from 2015-2017:

Mr. Darren Wallace
Mr. Lindsay King
Mr. Tony Staley

As the number of nominations equaled the number of vacancies, an election/ballot was not required.