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From the Principals Desk 

Vol 01, 29th January, 2016

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members of the Trafalgar High School community and a welcome back to all students and families returning in 2016. As has been mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter Principal Jane Mersey has taken up a 6 month position with DET and I am Acting Principal for Semester One. I look forward to working with all of our students and families in this role. As a long standing member of the teaching staff and leadership group in the school I am very proud of the schools approach to the wellbeing of each and every student and I know that our teaching staff are constantly striving to provide the best education they can for each and every student.


In 2016 the school will be undergoing a review in conjunction with the Education Department in order to develop our new Strategic Plan. This process will involve increased communication with parent groups and other stakeholders in our community. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss with all stakeholders the performance of Trafalgar High School over the last four years  and seek feedback in order to improve our performance.


Our staffing has undergone significant change and we welcome 10 new members of staff to the school. I wish them all the best in their respective roles and am confident that they will all make a positive contribution to our team.


In conclusion, we welcome the following new staff:


Jeffrey Connolly – Outdoor Ed

Jayandran Nagan – Math/Scep Maths

Jenny McCarthy – Indo

Lisa Smith – English

Sarah Farrell –English

Sean Richards - Engligh

Jerome Navaud – Maths/Science

Nellie Mims – Maths/Science

Haydn Moore – I.T

Natasha Wendt - Maths




John Freyne

Acting Principal