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From the Principal's Desk

24th October, 2014

Wednesday was the final day of classes for our Year 12 cohort for 2014. Students were farewelled with a special lunch and a whole school assembly. With the first exam of English taking place next Wednesday, it is most certainly their time to focus and to ensure that all of the hard work put in over the year is rewarded by being fully prepared.

Congratulations needs to be given to Yr 12 Coordinator Ms. Laura Robertson for all her hard work in organising and coordinating the Year 12 students throughout the year. The continual support that was provided by the Careers team of Mr. Jan Eriksson and Ms. Lisandra Purton and the overall supervision and guidance of Acting Senior Sub-school Leader Mr. Anthony Wilson.

I wish all students well over the next three weeks of the exam period.

Last Thursday and Friday night, I had the privilege of watching the School Production, “World War Revue” and what an outstanding success it was. It was great to see the new talent immerging, with a majority of casts members either in or below the Year 9 year level. The atmosphere was brilliant with both audiences participating voluntarily by clapping and cheering loudly and joining in with some of the music. What a very positive success for Mr. McLeay, coming into the school as a new teacher and being able to produce a production in a different format and at such a high level. Thank you to the staff, crew members and behind the scenes crew for all their many hours of rehearsals, prop making, ration food services and much more.


 Jane Mersey