Welcome to Trafalgar High School


From the Principals Desk 

 Volume 26, 4th September

Over the last two weeks students and staff have been celebrating science and literacy week through participation in a variety of activities.

Science week activities as outlined in last fortnight’s newsletter created a buzz of excitement across the school between daily quizzes, the junior school Mexican wave and periodic table cupcakes provided for staff, there was a lot of fun created around learning.

We have been in competition with the Great Australian Spelling Bee with our own version of the hit new series. Mr Richard Morrison very ably tested students from Year 7-12 with daily competitions, culminating in the Grand Final between a group of students. Rami Zafar was the outright winner beating his older more experienced competitors. Library Central was crammed full of eager onlookers for the daily event over the week.

Congratulations to Sam Simpson and Phoebe Stanvi of Year 8 who were the successful winners who determined the correct books that staff members were reading.

As a school this is the first time we have celebrated literacy since the 8 years I have been in the school and was delighted with the interested and enthusiasm shown by the students.

We can only look forward to bigger and better next year.

Last Friday night, was the annual Year 11 & 12 School Formal. The students were encouraged to dress in the theme of the night of elegance, I must say all present lived up to the expectation of this theme. Once again the staff of Turfside congratulated our students for their excellent behaviour and were keen to have them back in 2016.  It is heart warming to see a group of young people enjoy themselves in such a way. Well done, congratulations to students and once again to Ms. Amanda Vosper for the effort in pulling this whole event together.

Today, Year 10 & 11 students have been involved in individual Course Counselling sessions to choose their subjects for next year. We take this individualised approach to ensure there is ample opportunity for full discussion between student parent/care givers and staff. One again our philosophy is in providing as much as possible to assist students in make fully informed decisions.



Jane Mersey