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From the Principal's Desk

31st October, 2014


For several years now, the school has engaged the services of Mr Mick Nevin, a professional stand up comedian who also provides comedy workshops for students in schools. The program at Trafalgar High School commenced as part of  THINK Curriculum when Ms Lee Jinks referred Mick to Ms Mandy Holmes and they commenced the first workshop at the school. In these early days, Mick was developing the concept and in many ways this time was a trial at Trafalgar High School. Over the last few years, we have continued to offer a range of workshop opportunities to students across years 9and10. This comedy approach to writing and public speaking reflects the schools willingness to explore a variety of styles in order to improve students literacy, communication and speaking skills. Importantly students learn that comedy is as much about quality writing and effective communication as it is about being funny. Three years ago one of our students excelled in this area and was invited to attend trials for the class clown competition as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. In 2014, we again have offered these workshops through the THINK curriculum and the program culminates in a special comedy night here at the school. We encourage all members of the school community to attend and not only enjoy the performances of professional comedians, but also some up and coming students from Trafalgar High School.    


John Freyne

Assistant Principal